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The legacy of the 7th perfume

- The Love -

The legacy of the 7th perfume - The Love



"It was in 1879, when few blond hairs of a virgin were cut... and prepared to a homeopathic remedy. Anthropine No. 7."


The whole story started out of the blue in spring 2000. 
When Selma Gienger visited a physiotherapist for a kinesiologic examination, the woman told her that her great-great-grandfather tried to communicate something to her. The thing was, however, that her great-great-grandfather, Professor Gustav Jaeger, M.D, had died in 1917.
Totally overwhelmed by this message, Selma Gienger left the building in panic because at this point in time she had no use for "something like that".
But her great-great-grandfather was serious as she soon had to find out.
An adventure-filled series of events was about to begin...

In 2001, she found an old book dated from 1891 at the Institute for the History of Medicine in Stuttgart; in 2003, a leaflet of a pharmacy printed in 1879 appeared; in 2006, she found hair scent globules in a pharmacy museum and experimented on herself with the hair globules of a man from 1880...

During her genealogic research, Selma Gienger discovered not only her ancestor, Count George of Württemberg in 2008, but she also found her great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Regina Catharina Martini and discovered that she had been married again, this time to Christoph Ludwig Süskind...

Incredible discoveries were made, secrets disclosed, former notions and conceptions of the world erased, new visions into other dimensions opened up, life was seen from a new angle and in the end it was clear that it all led to the powerful anthropines. Every individual living on this planet has got them on the head. The scent of our hair... The scent of love.

The legacy of the 7th perfume presents itself.

A true story!



"Reading this book really gave me the creeps!" Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Achtner

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